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Winter Field Day 2018

Winter Field Day 2018 is in the books! Our logs have been submitted, our scores tallied. So, how'd we do? First, here is a breakdown of the number of contacts by band/mode.

Band Phone Digital

As you can see, band conditions were pretty bad, especially on 20 meters. However, that 1 lone QSO on 160 really helped, as you'll see shortly.

Each phone QSO counted as 1 point, each digital as 2 (we didn't have any CW). Thus we get 456 + (58 * 2) = 572

Next we get a multiplier of 1 for each band/mode. Thus we get 2 (phone and digital) plus 4 (160/80/40/20) for a total of 6.

572 * 6 = 3,432

Next we get a power multiplier. All stations operated at or below 100 watts, so the multiplier is 2. 3,432 * 2 = 6,864.

Finally we get to add 1,500 points for running off a generator or batteries.

Our final score was 8,364!

It should be emphasized this is still subject to validation by the Winter Field Day association. We could lose points if, for example, another station hadn't entered a QSO with us correctly (incorrect call sign, etc). Further points may be lost if a station we contacted fails to submit its logs. So expect some adjustments to this once the final results are posted.

You can find the final results for Winter Field Day on their Results Page. Please note logs are not due until March 1, and it will take time for them to taley the results, so don't expect updates until the end of March at the earliest. The club will alert everyone once the final scores are in.


The club wishes to thank William, KM4SKC, for opening up his home and shack to us at the last minute. It made the poor weather a lot more bearable, and the food was fantastic.


Below are some photos from the event, in no particular order.


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